I Apologize… For Nothing

I just watched God’s Not Dead 2, good movie, I recommend it. It’s about a teacher, who gets in trouble for basically mentioning Jesus in a school. You know, God, he creates people differently, he creates people with world changing talents, with mediocre talents, people that are shy, people that are outgoing, people that soft-spoken, and outspoken, walkers and talkers. I don’t know my talents, if there is even any, but I know I’m I Walker, I’m outspoken, for a reason. I will not shut up, I will not bow down, I will not leave, I will not change, I will not apologize, when, God is the focus. Maybe that’s my talent, a strong, warrior, for God. Everyone has their purpose, even the most seeming, insignificant thing.. has a purpose. 

The most wonderful thing about God, he gives you an option, you don’t have to do anything. So to do something, you don’t have to, shows true love, passion, and character. 

It’s really not about the journey, it’s about the destination, you could go out of your way every single day to better someone, or the world, and without God, you wasted gas. Our motivation ultimately is the destination, heaven. And the great thing about the destination, you require a journey, not just any journey, a journey with God, and wherever he is, good things happen. So if you are not Christian, boy, you are missing out.

I have a big mouth one could say, I sincerely don’t care about your feelings, because if I did, I wouldn’t be able to tell the truth. I could only say what you want to hear, coddle you, no matter how wrong what you are doing, is. So ultimately, I don’t have alot of friends, or people in general who like me, because, they want to live in a fantasy, where boys can be girls, and girls be boys, where you can act like children no matter your age, be inanimate objects, I not unfortunately, but rather, fortunately don’t live in that world. I can’t say anything against another religion, or someone else’s opinion, because.. it might hurt their feelings, which is true, and I’ll stop.. when you reference for me, when God, coddled you or someone else? Anything? .. Last time I checked, God not only wants, but needs warriors, not weaklings, because the enemy is very strong. 

So, I encourage everyone, stop caring about someone’s feelings, because the truth hurts, but wounds heal, putting a bandage on a sunburn doesn’t change anything, your still burnt. What narrative did Jesus follow? God’s.. not what was “acceptable”, or “politically correct” your job isn’t only to help people get to heaven, you have to get there too.

Wherever God isn’t allowed, that’s where you and him go and hang out. Jesus, stayed in a nation, where he was not popular, hated most likely, didn’t remain silent, and even died, for staying somewhere, he could have left, that’s not stupidity, ignorance, it’s, courage, faith, strong, it’s the power of God. So, go where your not wanted, speak when you are to remain silent, stay when you are asked to leave, stand when you are asked to sit, yell when asked to whisper. 

You don’t like other religions, like Islam? It’s OK, God doesn’t either. So, don’t give them an inch, because they will take a mile, “fighting isn’t the answer”, read the old testament lately? Fighting solves everything. Fight with your voice to institute God, Fight with your fists to keep him there.

Thank you for reading, May God Bless You 

Racist Capitalism? 

Hey peeps, been awhile.. I thought I would write a short post on this bizarre combination of words.. almost like saying Jew Nazi.. ?? Lol

I’ve heard people say this before, you know the.. far left, socialists, whom just happen to be mentally ill.. Capitalism is racist, or Capitalists are racists.. here’s my view on why that’s insane..

Say, I have a business, and you have a business.. the difference in our businesses are: I only sale things to white people, and you sale things to every race of people.. here’s where your first grade education comes in.. who is going to make more money? Me? The person that only sales to white people, or You? The person who sales to everyone..? 

Obviously, if you picked the latter, you are correct, if not, you are a liberal, mentally ill socialist..

Please, let’s encourage everyone to use common sense, instead of what some libtard is vomiting on CNN