National Debt

This is a huge problem in America, some $18 trillion+ in debt. What surprises me actually, is inflation. Why does that even exist? You sincerely have to be ignorant to think that’s a good idea. And worse yet.. WE STILL DO IT.  Debt is bad I think we can all agree. But money isn’t the … More National Debt

Just Thinking..

I’ve been thinking today about how people react to things, particularly justice. It seems conservative, and very liberal people are the same, I have friends of both. So I told them a true story to gauge their reaction, being from 2 very different social groups. They both agreed with the outcome of the story, which … More Just Thinking..

Preacher Joke

This man was driving drunk, and he was pulled over. Cop: sir have you been drinking? Man: no sir Cop: oh yea? What’s that in that red plastic cup? Man: oh, that’s just water Cop: step out sir, (cop reaches in and grabs the cup) sir, this ain’t water, this is wine Man: HALLELUJAH! HE … More Preacher Joke

King David

The story of King David, is quite possibly my favorite story ever. One should note, I despise reading, it’s unfortunate I know, but I hate it. But this story, I couldn’t read enough, David for whom doesn’t know.. if God had a bff, it was David. I guess I wanted to write about this because … More King David

Sin: Your Choice

How many times have we been told that’s a sin? .. thousands most likely. Nothing is sin, sin isn’t a thing, it’s not an object, it’s not an act. People often argue “if it came from God, how’s it a sin?”. That’s an interesting, but ignorant way of thinking.  Drinking alcohol isn’t a sin, getting … More Sin: Your Choice