National Debt

This is a huge problem in America, some $18 trillion+ in debt. What surprises me actually, is inflation. Why does that even exist? You sincerely have to be ignorant to think that’s a good idea. And worse yet.. WE STILL DO IT. 

Debt is bad I think we can all agree. But money isn’t the same as toilet paper, you can’t just get more when you run out. ‘Let’s print more money, let’s not’. 

I think the government doesn’t understand that you can’t get out of debt, by becoming more in debt. What can they do? The best thing.. just be in debt, collapse. Because in a collapse you have to rebuild, which makes a better economy, makes you not in the red. 

Spending money when you run out of money, isn’t how you get in the green. Good grief, go bankrupt already, do us a favor, and stop printing money.

Just Thinking..

I’ve been thinking today about how people react to things, particularly justice. It seems conservative, and very liberal people are the same, I have friends of both. So I told them a true story to gauge their reaction, being from 2 very different social groups.

They both agreed with the outcome of the story, which I will get to. But it’s fascinating to me, how I think in maybe their own ways try to protect life.

However you like to use the term is irrelevant, reaping what you sow, or karma.. basically the same thing only that karma can also be good, but we’re talking about the bad.

The story was of thief who died. He, robbed houses, like on a spree, and so the cops used dogs, helicopters, etc. To find him, but he hid in a creek, and they couldn’t find him, however that particular creek was a home to many alligators, who ate him alive.

Both sides of the aisle, polar opposite in their beliefs and views, completely agreed that was justifiable, my opinion doesn’t matter, I just think its amazing, sincerely, how people that basically live on 2 different planets, still want justice the same way.

We can’t agree on anything, except what’s a good punishment for crime. Which some may think is bad, but in reality may make the world a safer place, if everyone thinks any serious, or semi serious crime should be more than a payable fine. I think this topic is, while a little heavy and maybe controversial, may be a good stepping stone for someone you want to talk to, but are completely different.

The moral of this is, even though we are different, there is always something we have in common. That’s how you make friends, you’re similarities.

So, next time you see someone you know you probably won’t get along with, talk to them anyway, it’s never hurt to have too many friends. And getting to a point where everyone are friends… happier place.

Preacher Joke

This man was driving drunk, and he was pulled over.

Cop: sir have you been drinking?

Man: no sir

Cop: oh yea? What’s that in that red plastic cup?

Man: oh, that’s just water

Cop: step out sir, (cop reaches in and grabs the cup) sir, this ain’t water, this is wine


PTSD: A personal experience

I was diagnosed with ptsd maybe 5 years ago now, and despite what the news may say, ptsd sufferers aren’t tin foil hat crazy.

I have civilian ptsd, or non military ptsd, I have had and have a rough life that obviously affected me long term, I’m not going to get real personal, but I Will delve deeper. 

Among other terrible things I’m not comfortable saying, I was picked on in school starting at age 8, I wore glasses too when.. they weren’t cool mind you, so that was only fuel.

But every day in class, I would get thumped on the ear from 2 boys that enjoyed torturing me, that lead to being beaten up in the bathroom every day, I won’t release their names.. Randall and Brandon.

They failed 4th so when I got there they were older, and got away with more. That carried on into 5th grade. At this point, sweew.. we have different classes, don’t have to deal with them anymore. 

So I made new friends, friends that eventually started doing the same thing.. and at one moment in time, took turns spitting on my face.. literally.

We made it into 6th grade finally, and I was actually kinda cool, so no-one messed with me, nice change of pace. Little did I know, it had only just begun.

We made it to 7th, now around here.. 7th through 12th is highschool, everyone is thrown in together in some classes, and alot of 12th graders with 7th in P.E., which is where my nightmare returns.

You had to dress out in P.E. meaning you just had to go put some shorts on or something, but.. in the locker room, we weren’t supervised..great.

So my deodorant, cologne or anything relevant, was taken by threat to me, so I just gave it to avoid being beaten, again.. not mentioning names, Cedric, and Chris.

So what happened is, I had to pay a fee each day to ensure I wasn’t battered and bruised. I failed that year of 7th, because it was so bad.. and started homeschooling.

In homeschool I made A’s and B’s.. coincidence? The only dilemma obviously is having friends, pretty tough.

So my parents started church, so I could meet new friends, which was exciting to meet kids my age, that were good, and respectful, little did I know people can be two faced.

I started going on mission trips at age 13, same age as when I started church. It was so fun getting to help people that were less fortunate.

On these trips, about 17 I went on, ages varies between 13-80 really no age limit. So obviously I stayed around my age of people. So happy to have good friends.

These friends started making fat jokes, talking about my mom, hitting my private parts for fun, you know.. funny stuff.

This lasted for another 4 years. At which point I became anorexic, I lost around 150 pounds, I’m 6’6″ btw, I weighed 160, which is bones, by not eating. 

How can I cope with all of this? Luckily I had alcohol to be there for me. Fighting people, and  I also “played” girls, because it felt good not being the one getting the bad end of the stick for a change.

I did this til I was about 23. When life hit me, ptsd took the wheel. I couldn’t work. I couldn’t drive, eat, talk to people, be around people, couldn’t be alone for any period of time, I literally stayed inside without even opening the door for 2 years. I had an anxiety attack every time I heard a phone ring, siren, helicopter, plane,.. I live by an airport luckily as well.

I had no life anymore. Of course I was suicidal, who wouldn’t be. So I cut, which felt amazing. And I slowly got more.. “normal” around age 27.

I pleaded with God, please.. help me. I started reading the Bible everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. Praying every day. And I was able to get out, drive, be around people, with the occasional anxiety attack.

And now I’m in the threshold of age 29, I drive, I cook, I hang out with friends, I go places, with.. no anxiety, and I didn’t seek help from anyone except God, and my own willpower.

Now, I’m on track for a life I believe I deserve. I can’t prove that everything the Bible says is real, I can’t prove Jesus existed, but I can prove God is real, how? You’re reading this.

King David

The story of King David, is quite possibly my favorite story ever. One should note, I despise reading, it’s unfortunate I know, but I hate it. But this story, I couldn’t read enough, David for whom doesn’t know.. if God had a bff, it was David. I guess I wanted to write about this because of how people place or misplace certain figures in society, like there are different levels of being Christian, Jewish, Catholic, whatever. David was His bff.. you can’t get much closer than that, and maybe David took that for granted, who knows, because it seems to me he thought he was untouchable so to speak. David, contrary to what might say.. wasn’t anywhere close to a saint. He had some 700+ wives, he committed murder, and adultery, 2 of the worst things imaginable, then and now. And he was punished for it severely, but God forgave him, because he understood his wrong doings, and asked for forgiveness. So, don’t put preachers, priests, or whoever above you within your love for God, even the closest people to God sin, even the Devil. The devil was a powerful angel for God, and he didn’t repent because he wanted to be a God as well, look how that worked out. So don’t follow a religious person, because they sin like you, follow God.

    Sin: Your Choice

    How many times have we been told that’s a sin? .. thousands most likely. Nothing is sin, sin isn’t a thing, it’s not an object, it’s not an act. People often argue “if it came from God, how’s it a sin?”. That’s an interesting, but ignorant way of thinking. 

    Drinking alcohol isn’t a sin, getting drunk is. Sex isn’t a sin, having it outside of marriage is. Murder is a sin, defending yourself is not a sin. Love isn’t a sin, loving the wrong thing is. So, nothing is sin in itself, you create sin, not God, that’s the beauty of Christianity.. free will. You make your own decisions, you’re own journey, everyone sins, it’s inevitable. But asking for forgiveness erases the past, and striving to better yourself creates a future.

     Don’t get upset when you sin, don’t get upset if you repeatedly sin, life is hard and God knows, but just ask him for help, remember.. it’s your choice.just remember you are normal, the biggest Christian you know.. sins daily. My point of this is to help Christians and non Christian people, to don’t fall into a dark place, a depressing state, God is with you every second, just talk to him, he wants you to. So, when you are in any situation, it’s your choice of how you act, and the end result, is all your choice.