King David

The story of King David, is quite possibly my favorite story ever. One should note, I despise reading, it’s unfortunate I know, but I hate it. But this story, I couldn’t read enough, David for whom doesn’t know.. if God had a bff, it was David. I guess I wanted to write about this because of how people place or misplace certain figures in society, like there are different levels of being Christian, Jewish, Catholic, whatever. David was His bff.. you can’t get much closer than that, and maybe David took that for granted, who knows, because it seems to me he thought he was untouchable so to speak. David, contrary to what might say.. wasn’t anywhere close to a saint. He had some 700+ wives, he committed murder, and adultery, 2 of the worst things imaginable, then and now. And he was punished for it severely, but God forgave him, because he understood his wrong doings, and asked for forgiveness. So, don’t put preachers, priests, or whoever above you within your love for God, even the closest people to God sin, even the Devil. The devil was a powerful angel for God, and he didn’t repent because he wanted to be a God as well, look how that worked out. So don’t follow a religious person, because they sin like you, follow God.


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