National Debt

This is a huge problem in America, some $18 trillion+ in debt. What surprises me actually, is inflation. Why does that even exist? You sincerely have to be ignorant to think that’s a good idea. And worse yet.. WE STILL DO IT. 

Debt is bad I think we can all agree. But money isn’t the same as toilet paper, you can’t just get more when you run out. ‘Let’s print more money, let’s not’. 

I think the government doesn’t understand that you can’t get out of debt, by becoming more in debt. What can they do? The best thing.. just be in debt, collapse. Because in a collapse you have to rebuild, which makes a better economy, makes you not in the red. 

Spending money when you run out of money, isn’t how you get in the green. Good grief, go bankrupt already, do us a favor, and stop printing money.


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