The Mojahideen

In 1978, Afghanistan became mired in civil war as two communist parties seized control of the country. When it began to look like anti-communist rebels were gaining a foothold, the Soviet Union invaded the country to lend support, and that’s when the U.S. of course, decided to get involved.

The CIA set up camps to train the rebels, known as Mojahideen, in the necessary tactics for beating back the Soviets. Advanced weaponry was also part of the deal, including – importantly – Stinger surface – to – air missles. Soviet airstrikes had driven hundreds of guerillas out of the cities and into the surrounding hills, and mitigating the effectiveness of those strikes proved to be essential in prolonging the conflict, placing a great strain on Soviet resources.

The Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan almost until it’s collapse in the early 1990’s, but the legacy of the Mojahideen lives on. The CIA are finding their own tactics and training turned against them by Mojahideen veterans who have begun their own training programs, producing highly trained and skilled terrorists who make up the backbone of Al-Qaeda and other radical groups such as ISIS, so  basically all radical terrorists was invented by the United States, congratulations.

The United States discovered these ramifications the hard way after invading Afghanistan in 2001. The invasion led to a quagmire of an occupation, which – until present day has dragged on for just as long as that of the Soviets.


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