Bell Peppers

Rich in Vitamin C, which helps to heal blood clots and keep teeth and gums healthy. It also has Vitamin A, which is great for healthy eyes and skin, and help to prevent against infections, any color of bell pepper has these benefits.


Radar stands for RAdio Detection And Ranging: a radio device or system for locating an object by means of ultra-high-frequency radio waves reflected from the object and received, observed, and analyzed by the receiving part of the device in such a way that characteristics (as distance and direction) of the object may be determined.


An official sky cover classification for aviation weather observations, when the sky is completely covered by an obscuring phenomenon. This is applied only when obscuring phenomenon aloft are present – that is, not when obscuring phenomenon are surface-based, such as fog.


Numerous studies have shown that beets can help oxygenate blood and enhance exercise performance. Beets are a good source of Folic Acid, and also contain Vitamins A, C, chloine, idine, manganese, organic sodium, and fiber. Don’t forget to eat, or juice beet greens, they have even more iron than spinach.


Rich in flavor and consistency, avocados are great to eat if you’re craving something fatty and thick. High in potassium, they help to keep blood pressure low. They also contain monounsaturated fats which help people to lower blood pressure. It’s also a good source of Vitamin K, which has been indicated to promote bone health … More Avocado


An outlook is used to indicate a hazardous weather event or hydrologic event may develop. It is intended to provide information to those who need considerable lead time to prepare for the event. It is a broad discussion of the weather pattern expected across any given area, generally confined to forecast periods beyond 48 hours.


Everyone else is posting about the debate, I’m not going to rant, just giving 1 fact, they both agree that anyone on a no fly list, or watch list, shouldn’t have guns, which sounds OK, but do you know the requirements for you to be put on that list? By simply being alive, there are … More Garbage