Most Cruel Leaders

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Nelson Mandela – Was the head of Umkhonto we Sizwe, MK, the terrorist wing of the ANC and South African Communist Party. At his trial, he had pleaded guilty to 156 acts of public violence including: mobilising terrorist bombing campaigns, which planted bombs in public places, including the Johannesburg Railway Station. Many innocent people, including women and children were killed by Nelson Mandela’s MK terrorists. Here are some highlights of his destruction:

  • Church Street West, Pretoria, on May 20, 1983
  • Amanzimtoti Shopping Complex KZN, December 23, 1985
  • Krugersdorp Magistrates Court, March 17, 1988
  • Durban Pick’n’Play Shopping Complex, September 1st, 1986
  • Pretoria Sterland Movie Complex, April 16, 1988; limpent mine killed ANC terrorist M.O. Maponya instead
  • Johannesburg Magistrates Court, May 20, 1987
  • Roodepoort Standard Bank, June 3, 1988

Not only did Mandela refuse to renounce violence, amnesty refused to take his case stating:

The movement recorded that it could not give the name of the ‘Prisoner of Conscience’ to anyone associated with violence, even though as in ‘conventional warfare’ a degree of restraint may be exercised.”


3 thoughts on “Most Cruel Leaders

  1. The Shell House Massacre aka Luthuli House Massacre was when he had ordered his forces to shoot and they killed 19, injuring some 250. I stand corrected on the number injured. This happened in 1994, displaying a typical communist approach to opposition. He was never charged for these 19 deaths, nor for most ofhis other atrocities. It is safe to say that hedid not go to jail for being black. It were his communist aggression that saw him spend 27 years in jail. He was no MLK. Research Camp Quadro and other torture camps at your own leisure. Thank you for an excellent article.

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