He is India’s most notorious serial killer. He is believed to have committed 13 murders in Calcutta, and a possible dozen more in Bombay. Stoneman’s first victim was found in June of 1989. The victim was a homeless man who was sleeping in a dimly lit area. 

Over the next six months, twelve more homeless victims would be killed in the same exact fashion. In 1985, there were a dozen homeless people murdered in Bombay, in the same way that would eventually be occurring in Calcutta. This led authorities to believe the same person was committing the murders, but they couldn’t be sure that the original killings hadn’t inspired a copycat killer. 

The police brought in a number of suspects but weren’t able to charge anyone with the murders. However, the killings stopped when the suspect’s were brought in for questioning, leaving many to think that the real killer were amongst the suspect’s that were brought in for questioning.


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