Concepts That Were Just That

2004 Chrysler ME 412 – In 2004, there was a notable exception to Chrysler’s ‘vanilladesign language: The ME 412, a super-car that even today looks modern and new, despite being 12 years old. Yet neither the ME 412 or any of it’s cues made it into Chrysler’s production vehicles.

The car was named ME 412 because it was a mid-engined, 4-door, turbo 12-cylinder. It had LED’s in the headlights and taillights – not a big deal now, but 12 years ago… It had huge functional fender scoops for cooling it’s power plant of power – it developed 850 horsepower, and equal amounts of torque, it’s top speed estimated around 248mph.

Unfortunately, don’t get your checkbooks out, because it didn’t make it to production.


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