They are rich in energy, 567 calories per 100g, they are essential for optimum health. They contain oleic acid, and like their counterparts, it decreases bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.Peanuts are a good source of dietary protein; composed of fine quality amino acids that are essential for growth and development. 

These nuts are packed with B-complex vitamins such as, riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, pantothenic acid, vitamin B-6, and folates. These vitamins help contribute to brain health and blood flow to the brain. They have an excellent source of vitamin E, which helps maintain membranes, and protect your skin from harmful oxygen free radicals(Islam).

Peanuts are a good source of resveratrol, another polyphenolic anti-oxidant. Resveratrol has protection functions against cancers, heart disease, degenerate nerve disease, Alzheimer disease, and viral/fungal infections.


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