The Robot Read-A-Matic

The 1960’s were This conception was meant to help slow readers improve their pace by revealing one line at a time, or.. you could just use a pencil or your finger, like everyone else. It’s unclear why it wasn’t widely popular, other than the obvious.


4 thoughts on “The Robot Read-A-Matic

      1. Yea, I was a real slow reader. They made me use one of those and had to read with a pencil between my lips so I could read with my eyes. Neither worked, lol. I still read slow with my lips but I love to read. It just takes me longer than most people, haha😂

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        1. My only problem was/is if I get carried away reading I’ll reread what I’ve read or skip a line or something, but when it comes to reading the Bible, I use the Bible app, which reads it to you, which has always been a downfall of mine (remembering what I’ve read) so, even in school I listened to tapes instead of reading, like for a test, because I couldn’t remember, but it being read to me I could remember

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