Created in 1611. A special hereditary rank, above Knight and below Baron, introduced by James I for the purpose of raising money for the suppression of the rebellion in Ulster. Baronets were required to pay £1,080 for the privilege of their rank. The normal address is Lord/Lady.

Baronetcy/Baronetage – This may be thought of as a hereditary knighthood. For convenience, it may also be thought of as a noble title, though there are those who would disagree, at least as used it the British systems. A Baronet is certainly not a “peer“, in the UK. Baronets are not entitled to a seat in the House of Lords (unless, of course, they additionally hold a peerage). Since we have been using the British systems to classify titles, those are placed here at the end, somewhere betweenandafter the British sense of BaronetasaKnight, and Baronetasapettynoble.


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