Gun Fact 

In miss-classified cases of “assault weapons” (common in the former federal and Californiaassault weaponsclassification) are used in less than 1% of all homicides.


3 thoughts on “Gun Fact 

  1. I believe it’s obvious, if we have the same weapon, we’re an equal threat to each other, but if I have a rifle and you have a butter knife… you can’t equally resist me without being more likely to be the one who is defeated, throughout history, in the world, every dictator disarmed it’s people before enslaving them, I like to reference Hitler, he disarmed all the Jews, and I don’t think I have to say what happened next. Our government is out of control, but.. they are still in check because of the 2nd amendment, that’s actually the only reason we have the second amendment, to ensure the government doesn’t overreach, which happened previously, and the result of the revolutionary war, and without the 2nd amendment, or guns that are a threat to only the government, then we are slaves essentially


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