The Forgotten President’s 

Who was the first president? Ask any school children and they will readily tell you George Washington. And of course, they would be wrong – at least technically. Washington was not inaugurated until April 30th, 1789. And yet, America continually had functioning governments from as early as September 5, 1774, and operated as a Confederated Nation from as early as July 4, 1776. 

During that nearly 15 year interval, Congress – first the Continental Congress and then later the, Confederation Congress, was always moderated by a duly elected president. As the Chief Executive Officer of the government, the president was recognized as the Head of State

Washington was thus the 15th president, in a long line of distinguished presidents, and he led the 17th administration, he just happened to be the first under the current constitution.

So, who were the luminaries who preceded him? We will dive into that with some short biographies of each! Stay tuned for .. The Forgotten Presidents 


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