The Forgotten President’s 

Cyrus Griffin (b.1736 – d.1796) Our last President, before the President of the United States, George Washington

Like Peyton Randolph, he was trained in Londons Inner Temple to be a lawyer, and thus was counted among his nation’s legal elite. 

Like so many other Virginians, he was an anti-federalist, the promise of the Bill of Rights as a hedge against the establishment of an American monarchy, which still had a good deal of currency. 

The Articles of Confederation afforded such freedoms that he became convinced that even with the incumbent loss of liberty, some new format of government would be required. 

A protégé of George Washington, having worked with him on several speculative land deals in the West, he was a reluctant supporter of the Constitutional Ratification process.

It was during his term in the office of the Presidency, the last before the new national compact went into effect, that Ratification was formalized and finalized. 

He served as the nation’s Chief Executive from January 22, 1788 until George Washingtons inauguration on April 30, 1789.


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