I Keep Hearing This…

From the MSM (Mainstream Media), usually democrats, saying we should trust what the intelligence community says about Russia, or whatever conspiracy theory they have that day.. who should we trust? The 2 leading Spy agencies..

The NSA? That said they weren’t spying on Americans, but we later learned they lied and was gathering info on everyone? Those are who we should trust?

Trust the CIA? The same people who concocted Operation Northwood, to hijack American planes and crash them to kill Americans, bomb big cities, night clubs, airports, schools, and blame it on Cuba, those are who we should take their word for it?

We could definitely trust the FBI though, the same people who openly stated to the country, Hilary Clinton broke no laws, and later to the House Oversight Committee Hilary Clinton broke the law.. we should take their word for it?

How about we abolish all federal law enforcement, and all federal or private funded agencies like the CIA, and while were at it, go ahead and abolish the Democratic party altogether, the outcome would be a blissful utopia. 


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