Racist Capitalism? 

Hey peeps, been awhile.. I thought I would write a short post on this bizarre combination of words.. almost like saying Jew Nazi.. ?? Lol

I’ve heard people say this before, you know the.. far left, socialists, whom just happen to be mentally ill.. Capitalism is racist, or Capitalists are racists.. here’s my view on why that’s insane..

Say, I have a business, and you have a business.. the difference in our businesses are: I only sale things to white people, and you sale things to every race of people.. here’s where your first grade education comes in.. who is going to make more money? Me? The person that only sales to white people, or You? The person who sales to everyone..? 

Obviously, if you picked the latter, you are correct, if not, you are a liberal, mentally ill socialist..

Please, let’s encourage everyone to use common sense, instead of what some libtard is vomiting on CNN 


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