Racist Capitalism? 

Hey peeps, been awhile.. I thought I would write a short post on this bizarre combination of words.. almost like saying Jew Nazi.. ?? Lol

I’ve heard people say this before, you know the.. far left, socialists, whom just happen to be mentally ill.. Capitalism is racist, or Capitalists are racists.. here’s my view on why that’s insane..

Say, I have a business, and you have a business.. the difference in our businesses are: I only sale things to white people, and you sale things to every race of people.. here’s where your first grade education comes in.. who is going to make more money? Me? The person that only sales to white people, or You? The person who sales to everyone..? 

Obviously, if you picked the latter, you are correct, if not, you are a liberal, mentally ill socialist..

Please, let’s encourage everyone to use common sense, instead of what some libtard is vomiting on CNN 

My Future As A Homeless Person 

I have a bright future as a homeless man, I’m 29, currently jobless. Why am I not looking for a job? Since October 2016 I’ve filled out 136 applications, not 1 call back.

I know why, due to having ptsd I was unable to work for around 8 years, which means when I fill out an application my references and work history is 8 years old, so i literally have no options.

I’m an only child, parents in their 50’s, I live in the country, so surviving as a homeless person, would surviving in the woods, something I can do, but would rather not.

Why don’t I get assistance of some kind? I went through the process of job placement which I was literally told verbatim “you most likely won’t get a job”. What about financial assistance? I applied about 6 years ago while at the time suffering from ptsd, bipolar disorder type 2, agoraphobia, hypomania, depression disorder, anxiety disorder, and OCD, i was told “you’re case isnt severe enough for financial aid”, if only I knew where to get some of that white privilege. 

I think everyone would agree defeating all of my mental illnesses is a great milestone for anyone, but.. only after be rejected by everyone, doesn’t move you forward, it brings you back to where you were.

So now I get to deal with depression and anxiety.. again. Preparing for a future as a homeless person, any money I have or make from selling stuff I don’t spend on anything because of the inevitable. 

One may wonder why I’m not active on here anymore, so here’s your answer. The only thing that has held me together for the past 13 years, my dog, is dying, what will happen after that? A job, for any person with my history is the #1 most important thing from keeping everything from returning, which no one cares, if they did, the mere existence of homeless people wouldn’t exist. 

You may hear from me again, you may not, but i will leave everything here and not delete it. I live under oppression and judgement everyday, try not to create it, but help fix it, with compassion and knowledge. 

“Job creation” in the political world means this.. if you have significant experience in a field, with a consistent job history, you will be hired, if you have a work history gap, you are worthless.

Anyone who stops this judgmental oppression, will not only be a hero, but will change the world.


                The Real World 

Age Old Argument 

I seen, just a few minutes ago, that Condoleezza Rice wrote about our Democracy, which made me laugh. So I asked a liberal friend which do we live under, which the reply was what I expected, one he couldn’t answer, but why? It’s in black and white, literally. 

A Republic has a charter, or constitution, which limits the powers of the state. In a Republic, the people elect representatives to govern the state, but the representatives are still expected to follow the laws created in a charter/constitution. The rights of the minority are protected in a Republic.

A Democracy, is a government by the majority, in which the votes of 50.0000000001% is the ruling force. If a Democracy even has a charter/constitution, it’s not the supreme law of the land. There is no law in a Democracy, except the opinion of the majority. 

In fact, the Founding Fathers were worried the United States would become too Democratic. Benjamin Franklin once said, 

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch

Nowhere in the Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution does it say “Democracy”, but it does say “Republic”.

Even the ancient philosophers understood the problems with Democracy. Plato argued, 

Dictatorship, naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery, out of the most extreme liberty.

With all these differences, why do elected officials still confuse the two? In two years of speeches, Obama referred to the United States as a Republic 3 times. He stressed the values of us as a Democracy, over 300 times.

Obama specified the United States as a Republic here, 

The patriots of 1776 did not fight to replace tyranny of a King, with the privileges of a few or the rule of a mob. They gave to us a Republic, a government of, and by, and for the people, entrusting each generation to keep safe our founding creed.

Obama recognized difficulties with a Democracy, 

And so democracy is messy and it’s tough, and our system is broken to a large degree. 

But also made these arguments, 

You see, in our democracy, this remarkable system of government, you, the people, give the final say.

This statement is actually false, in the United States,  our charter – the US Constitution – has the final say, because we are a Republic. Understanding the difference between the two is one of utmost importance to understanding one’s rights as a citizen of the United States. 

Where Did That Name Come From? 

Charleston – One of the biggest dance crazes of all time, the Charleston was popularized in a song of the same name in the 1923 Broadway Show “Runnin’ Wild”.

While the choreography for the show was most likely original, the style came from the Juba dance moves that originated among slaves on plantations, variations of which remained popular with black-americans in southern cities like Charleston, South Carolina.