Don’t Let Them Control You

This is concerning to me, Democrats, and the worldwide Elite, bent on world domination, are actually winning one aspect, all of those, want everyone to live in big cities, they absolutely despise any who live in rural areas, because we can’t be controlled, big cities are basically a metaphorical cow pen, you know where they all are, and you can control when they eat, drink, or sleep.. 

There’s always been then desire for everyone to live in big cities for the purpose of control, but.. it’s a hard sell for everyone, so now they have self-driving cars in big cities only.. now, Uber has said in the next 3 years we’ll have self-driving planes for big cities.. it’s a plot to herd everyone to big cities through enticing with technology, because everyone loves technology and futuristic inventions, and they will only exist in big cities, so it’s like .. “if you want this amazing technology, you have to move, or do without it”, now most our age can’t be enticed that easily, but our younger counterparts can be, and are everyday.

Also, the reason why major cities are so tight on gun control, 99% of major cities, it’s almost impossible to even own a gun, much less carry a gun, something that’s easily enforced in a big city, not so much in rural areas. 

Agenda 21, is a nice reference to it, a UN creation, that, it’s very existence in the United States is illegal, but that’s a story for another day.